Sunday, July 15, 2012

Films To While The Time By- American Psycho- Part 253-Johnny Depp’s “The Secret Door”

Click on the headline to link to a Wikipedia entry for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella, The Secret Window, The Secret Garden.

DVD Review

The Secret Window, starring Johnny Depp, based on a novella by Stephen King, Columbia Pictures, 2004

Writers are different from you and me, very different if you can suspend your disbelieve long enough in this film under review, The Secret Garden. Apparently the rather simple act of divorce, simple at least for most people if we are to believe the statistics, was enough to throw one famous mystery writer, Mort (played by Johnny Depp), over the edge, way over the edge.

Perhaps it was finding his wife, Amy, in bed with another man; although event that traumatic experience can be accounted for since she has charged him with “statutory neglect” due to his writing fog mania withdrawal. Perhaps it was spending those ill-advised lonely months up in a secluded cabin where he was left to brood (and sleep) away his life. Perhaps it was just the cigarette withdrawal struggle that more than one of us has had troubles overcoming. In any case dear Mort (played by Depp with his usual odd-ball character pizzazz) has gone over the edge. And plans to do something about it. Nothing good.

As if to prove that life is stranger than fiction Mort makes up a scenario worthy, well, worthy of a Mort Rainey short story. He creates a savage alternative universe in order to get even with his wife, her lover, and anybody else who gets in the way of his godly intervention. And he gets away with it, for now. For how he does so watch the film, or read Stephen King’s’ novella. Creepy, Johnny Depp creepy.

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