Thursday, July 5, 2012

Films To While The Time By- Frederico Fellini’s “Nights Of Cabiria”

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Nights of Cabiria, starring Guilietta Masina, directed by Federico Fellini, 1957

Forget about Fellini (a little), forget about 1950s Italian cinema, for about the story line. This film is about an unlucky in love (very unlucky, and a little stubbornly mule-headed as well ) prostitute, Cabiria of the title, played by Guilietta Masina, whose every expression, half-expression, non-expression, anti-expression and just vacant stare expresses more about the human condition, its foibles, its tragedy and its puckish perseverance than half the books of the Western cannon. Oh, yes, and a little (well, maybe more than a little) superb cinematography and pacing by Brother Fellini. This is what cinema was supposed to be about (and was, for a while).

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